Mexico’s Baja Peninsula – A Vacationer’s Dream

White sandy beaches aren’t everyone’s idea of a fun vacation. What is there to do while sunbathing on the shore? You can read a book anywhere. But there is more to do in Mexico than work on your tan.

The Baja Peninsula in Mexico provides a vacationer with everything he could want to see, do, eat and drink. The top-notch spas and cool, clear waters are yours to explore. The waters can be enjoyed either under the surface or above it, or even partially submerged when indulging in some of the best snorkeling on the planet. There is plenty to do for all age groups no matter where their interests lie.

Get off the beach and go hiking on a mountain trail. Most of the Mexican resorts in Baja offer hiking and safari trips taking you deep into the dense forests. The scenery along the way offers some breathtaking opportunities for the amateur or professional photographer. While you are at it, take a picture of the gorgeous food that is an excellent part of the peninsula as well.

Visit the massive Boca de Sierra Biosphere Reserve to get your adrenaline racing. Take a tour through the canopy. Zip line instructors take tourists on a high altitude adventure over vast canyons. Tour the whole park as you whiz through the air!

The adventure isn’t over yet. Test your strength against your friends climbing natural rock walls. Race your friends across rope bridges draped through the vast landscape. Under the supervision of the reserve’s experienced guides, you be totally safe while having the time of your life.

The ocean is not just for swimming and snorkeling. Baja is rife with colorful, exotic animal life. Swim with the dolphins or gray whales. Get on top of the water in a sailboat in the winter months and watch the humpback whales as they breach the surface of the water on their migration south.

Baja is also duly famous for its deep water sports fishing. Expert fishermen will take you to all the best spots for yellow fin tuna, roosterfish, marlin, bonito and sailfish, all common to the area. Catch yourself (and all your friends) a tuna weighing in at over 25 pounds!

Now that you’ve done that, get in a glass bottom kayak for a scenic tour. You will discover the gorgeous, colorful wildlife of Baja both in and out of the clear blue waters. Sea lions, marine birds and schools of flamboyantly colored fish are just a few of the exotic creatures abounding on the Baja peninsula.

Don’t leave without absorbing some Mexican culture. In February, the lively town of Todos Santos puts on a not-to-be-missed art festival. You will gaze upon local paintings, sculpture and ceramics all hand made by extremely talented local artists. There are also dancers and musicians for the audience’s enjoyment of the traditional performance arts of this region of Mexico. Sure, Todos Santos is home to the infamous Hotel California made famous by the Eagles. Check that out, of course, but don’t spend too much time there. Get out in the streets where the real fun is happening.

Local festivals are a great way to immerse yourself into the culture. Try different native dishes like smoked marlin tacos, homemade pastries and wines, and fresh fish ceviche. Native artisans sell handmade crafts you can’t find anywhere else in the world. You might need an extra suitcase just to store your souvenirs!

Don’t stick to your hotel for meals. Venture out into the streets and sample some street food or go into one of the small cafes. You can always tell if the food is good by the long lines in front of the place.

After that exhilarating, exhausting day you just had, you deserve a fine meal. Baja may be the only place where you can dine on a tremendous meal and then ride a camel to the surf. I told you there was more to the Baja Peninsula than sand. After a day like you just had, though, maybe lying on the sand listening to the pounding waves of the deep blue sea may sound like heaven.

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