9 Airlines You’ll Want To Fly

Generally speaking, the Asian and Middle Eastern airlines offer service that far exceeds that of North America and Europe. The stewards actually serve you, the seats are more comfortable, and you might find yourself asking for seconds of the food. In first class there are beds, showers, and pajamas. Um- are we flying or have we arrived?

1. Cathy Pacific: Where passengers can order a bowl of instant noodles at any point during the flight. Better yet, the bathrooms can accommodate eight people and have windows.

2. Qatar Airways: Known as the “World’s 5-Star Airline”, Qatar has live satellite TV onboard. The food served includes foie gras, caviar, and smoked salmon. Mmmmmm.

3. Singapore Airlines: Singapore is an exceptionally clean and unique place, and their airline is no different. More then just First Class, those aboard Singapore Airlines can fly in Suites, with 35 inch wide, Italian leather seats, and standalone beds.

4. Asiana: This South Korean Airline was recently named the Airline of the Year, at the 2010 annual World Airline Awards in Hamburg, Germany.

5. Air New Zealand: In 2010 alone Air New Zealand won five awards. They include the Conde Nast Traveller vote for Favourite Long-Haul Leisure Airline, and Airline of the Year from Air Transport World.

6. Etihad Airways: Etihad Airways offer such exceptional experience, they have changed the names Economy, Business, and First, to Coral, Pearl, Pearl Business, Diamond First, and Diamond First Class Suites. Clearly they know precious stones are the way to anyone’s heart.

7. Emirates: “An exceptional journey from start to finish”. Complimentary chauffeur-driven cars are available for first and business class passengers. Book one online when reserving your flight and put your mind at rest. Everything is taken care of.

8. Thai Airways: Those fortunate enough to fly in Royal First class of Thai Airways will experience the privacy of a segregated cabin, and friendly, hospitable service. Choose from a wide selection of vintage wines and champagnes, then close your eyes and dream of where you’re heading.

9. Jet Airways: Jet Airways is India’s finest international airline and one of the world’s fastest growing airlines. Their international staff are taught to go above and beyond to ensure that you are comfortable and happy.

Flying can be such a drag. Between getting the airport, getting through security, and then having to sit through hours of unpleasant, stale-aired flying time, it really has become a chore. But it doesn’t have to be. Obviously the option of first class isn’t available to all of us, but fly economy on an Asian or Middle Eastern airline and you will feel like you’re in first class. The service, the seats, the food- it’s all something to write home about.

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