Essential Tips That You Should Know About Airport Parking

When you travel to and from the Aberdeen airport, it is very essential that you make the most out of your journey. It can be helpful if you would do some relevant research over the net and travel books that can render you with tips that would put a greater sense of security to your travel. Such includes the initial things you would do once you get to the airport and of course anything that would guide you through the Aberdeen airport parking basics.

When You Get To The Airport

The Aberdeen Airport is situated about seven miles from the city center. There are enough signs posted everywhere that will lead you straight to its access road. Its primary car park is right in front of the airport terminal building which offers long- and short-term stays.

The Basics Of Aberdeen Airport Parking

Aberdeen has lots of parking options that can be offered to you that would depend on a variety of factors as well such as your allotted budget, your length of stay and the level of service that you prefer to experience. If you will just be picking or dropping passengers, then you can settle for its short stay car park. This is also ideal for the short duration trips as well since short stay parking only allows a limit of up to five hours.

Long stay parking is what’s recommended for those who will be traveling and gone for more than a couple of days. This comes with an option of a free transfer straight to the airport terminal or you can settle for a meet and greet valet parking arrangement. This type of parking option is made available at the Aberdeen airport parking which would really make your transfers from the car park to the terminal such an ease.

For the valet arrangements, you would have to simply leave your car at a set time with the valet attendant or representative right at the terminal before you check in. you can be assured that your vehicle will be stored in a very safe parking compound so that it will be delivered back to you spic and span upon your return.

Such valet arrangements that are mixed with meet and greet options can really make your traveling hassle free especially if you are traveling with a large group or you are carrying with you very heavy bags and packages. It could cost you about 83 to 118 for a span of two weeks, which would still depend on the operator that you would settle for and their varying rates.

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