Getting Through Airline Security

Since the occurrence of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, airport security has been stricter than ever. While, for many of us, airport security is a time consuming inconvenience, it is extremely important to our safety as passengers. With much more effort being put into screening individuals and luggage, airport security is becoming more difficult to just pass by. If you travel often, then you have probably become accustomed to the airport security measures and know what to bring and how to act during security checks. If, however, you are new to flying, passing through security may be somewhat stressful for you. If you are a new flyer and want more information about airline security, you have come to the right place. Throughout this article we will discuss different security measures and how to pass through airport security without running into any unnecessary problems.

To begin, let’s speak about what to expect when you first reach security. During security, both you and your luggage will be checked for weapons and breaches of airport security. Upon reaching security, you will first be asked to remove all shoes and jackets, and place them into a bin along with your other carry on items. These items will then be passed through an x-ray machine to search for anything that may be harmful to others. While your luggage is being scanned, you will be directed through a metal detector. Once both you and your luggage have been examined, you will be free to head to your departure gate. Sounds easy right? It is easy, and it is generally quick as well. There are, however, precautions that you can take to ensure that you will pass through security without any unexpected problems.

Before you even arrive at your airport, you will want to check your airlines website for carry on baggage guidelines. When it comes to carry on luggage, there is generally a weight and size restriction, as well as other restrictions that limit what you can and cannot bring in your carry on luggage. As a general rule, you will want to keep your carry on luggage to a minimum, ensuring that it will fit in the overhead compartments inside of the plane. Also limit the amount of gels and liquids that you bring in your carry on luggage, as these items are usually only acceptable aboard the plane in very minimal doses.

When it comes to security, you will also want to look presentable and wear appropriate clothing. It is generally recommended that individuals avoid wearing loose clothing that could conceal weapons or illegal drugs. Wearing loose clothing may alert one of the security guards that you could potentially be carrying a weapon, in which case you may become subject to additional screening.

In addition to dressing appropriately, avoid wearing clothing that may set off the metal detector. Avoid wearing, jewellery, metal buttons or hairpieces, belts, piercings, under wire bras, and anything else that may set off the detector and subject you to additional screenings.

If you are a first time flyer, do not panic, security is not as bad as you may think. If you follow the above guidelines, you should easily pass through security without any unexpected issues.

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