How To Entertain Yourself In An Airport

It can be quite boring to simply sit and wait for your connecting flight, so next time you have a layover try one of these ideas to keep yourself entertained:

1. People Watch

It can be so entertaining to watch all of the different types of people that move through the airport. Make up stories about them and try to guess where they are from and what their background is.

2. Get Something To Eat

There are always food options available at the airport, and it is a great time to grab a snack or a meal. Be beware, the prices are usually expensive so be ready to pay a little more than usual!

3. Play A Game

I like to keep a deck of cards with me, it is always fun to get a card game going with friends. You can even invited other passengers to join in if they want! Some strangers are hesitant, but others are willing to jump right in and learn the game that you are playing. It is a great way to get to know new people.

4. Browse The Gift Shop

There are always interesting things to see in the gift shops, they often have items that are local to the area so that visitors can purchase souvineers to take home with them. Also, there are always books and magazines to thumb through if you want something to read.

5. Browse The Internet

many airports offer WiFi, so you can get online while you are waiting. Just be careful, because it is an open WiFi connection so you need to be cautious about accessing bank accounts or other sensitive accounts. The airport is a prime place for a computer hacker to try to steal your information!

There are many ways to entertain yourself at the airport, so next time you find yourself waiting for your next flight you can do something fun instead of sitting there bored!

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