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Famous as ‘green city’, Christchurch is located halfway down the east shore of the South Island. Many tourists take the flights to Christchurch as the entrance to walk around New Zealand’s South Island, and to find that a holiday in Christchurch is filled with charisma. The tiny city is noticeably English in reputation and appearance, and has so many parks and gardens that it is not difficult to imagine you are in the countryside. The South Island’s largest city with the residents of 337,000 and main international gateway is a pulsating, cosmopolitan place with stimulating festivals, amusing theatre, modern art galleries, pleasurable shopping, award-winning attractions and a host of activities that urge the millions of tourists to confirm their Christchurch flights.

The city enjoys all the amenities of a modern city, but is still very much a regional centre functioning as the rich rural neighborhood, with a laid-back velocity to life. Its Gothic revitalization cathedral, grey colored nineteenth century structures, avenues aligned with bright green trees and widespread leafy parks have sealed the elegance and charm of a past era. Christchurch flights are a suitable base from which to discover the surrounding rustic landscape and the natural attractions and activities of the area. After spending a day in the city the visitors will be able to enjoy a rocking international nightlife back in the city.

Animated with color, ambiance and classic attractions, Christchurch is a charming city that values its culture and heritage, but shows a year round variety of new and electrifying adventures and amusement activities. The city is occupied of delights, from the beautiful neo-gothic Arts galleries, to the momentous tram which circles the city centre, to the Christchurch Gondola and exclusive attractions like the International Antarctic Centre. The shopping scene is superb and the cafĂ© life is a festivity of natural New Zealand cuisine and fine wines. So, take the flights to Christchurch and experience the Christchurch’s booming beauty.

Known globally for its blessed gardens, Christchurch is also a city of events and festivals. Whatever the season, you choose to travel and book the flights to Christchurch you will uncover a non-stop program of pursuit with events like the Festival of Romance, the International Buskers Festival, winter Arts Festival, and Showtime Canterbury in November.

Christchurch also enjoys New Zealand’s premium purpose-built Convention Centre that can accommodate up to 10 to 2500 public. You will also get the Christchurch Town Hall, a hall dedicated to performing arts and the Westpac Trust centre, a multi-purposed interior venue for main sporting and entertainment events.

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