These convertible car rentals are very popular with the rich guys and the celebrities. This is because these cars are really very glamorous and adds up to their fashion quotient. Now it is not just the celebrities and the rich people but even the people belonging to the middle class […]

Hot air ballooning in the California desert cities of Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indian Wells and La Quinta is one of the most serene and scenic ways to spend an early morning or late afternoon. The hot air balloon is the oldest known human-carrying flight technology. On Nov 21, 1783, […]

If you are planning on a holiday and have ideas of travelling by road then the best deal would be to hire a min bus especially if there are more than four of you. When travelling long distance by car if there are more than four people, quite frankly it […]

Scouting, no matter what others may say, remains as one of the most enjoyable and learning experiences young children everywhere can have during their early years. In the UK, various groups and organizations, such as the Scout Association, continue to spread the goodwill of scouting in the UK and the […]

So you’ve blown all your money in the casino on your first day, is there anything in Las Vegas you can do that’s free? You’ll be surprised: The Fountains at Bellagio The famous Bellagio fountains are a spectacular show of dancing fountains set to a range of music from classical […]

Generally speaking, the Asian and Middle Eastern airlines offer service that far exceeds that of North America and Europe. The stewards actually serve you, the seats are more comfortable, and you might find yourself asking for seconds of the food. In first class there are beds, showers, and pajamas. Um- […]

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