Family Tents – Looking For a Good One

So your family has decided they want to try camping. How do you go about finding the right family tents? Well, with a little research and narrowing down exactly what you need, finding the right one shouldn’t be a problem. Everything from “condo” style tents, where there is a large tent in the center and attached small tents, to a tent that will sleep as many as ten people can be found. Whatever your family size is, you will be able to find the right size for you.

An easy to set up design is now available. Simple rods with elastic that do not break down, but fold up make it easy to set up the tent. In the past, poles were color coded so you spent hours trying to make sure you got the right rods into the right pocket. Today they are much simpler and require less than fifteen minutes for the novice to set up.

A “condo” style tent is a little more complicated, in that you must set place the rods of all three tents in, then follow explicit instructions to get them set up correctly. These tents have “pass through” windows in the two smaller tents so that all three can be linked together. Usually the two smaller tents will sleep 2 adults with the larger tents sleeping up to 6. This tent can also be broken down into three completely separate tents. This is great for a family who would like a measure of privacy, but still wants easy access to small children. For a smaller family, the smaller tents can be used as a storage area for suitcases and such, keeping the sleeping area clutter free.

Sizes of tents have changed a lot too. There are tents that can hold as many as ten or twelve people down to a single person tent. The choices in style are great too. There is something for every style in the tent world now.

There are so many different sizes of tents today that a single person could find a snug tent that is just right. A family of 12 could find an equally appealing tent that is perfect for the large group. Whether you want “rooms” or separate tents that can be hooked together to create togetherness with privacy at the same time, there is a tent that will fit your style.

Get ready for some family fun and go find your family tents! The time you spend together both searching for your perfect home away from home, as well as the time spent in the campgrounds will be well rewarded.

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