Intex Queen Air Bed – Where to Find a Great Deal

Are you looking for a great deal on an Intex Queen Air Bed? You certainly aren’t the only one. These ultra air mattresses are very popular for camping and make a great spare bed as well, giving you the ease and convenience of an air mattress and the comfort of a real bed. What makes these air beds so popular?


The Intex queen air bed is more than just an air mattress. The bed is 18 inches tall which makes it easy to get in and out of, no crawling around on the floor to get into your bed. Being so tall they give extra insulation from the cold drafts that run along the floor of the spare room or the ground of your tent. Ever wake up in the middle of the night on an old air mattress or air bed and find the air had all leaked out and you were sleeping on the ground? That’s not an issue with the Intex air bed as it’s durable material resists punctures and leaks.

The Extra Bed

Where could you use an extra bed? Having lots of house guests for the holidays? Need a spot for overnight guests in a dorm room? Do you have a family cabin that overflows during family reunions or could just use an extra mattress? Need an extra bed for when your kids’ friends stay over? Wouldn’t a real air mattress make camping so much more comfortable? All of these are great reasons for an Intex air bed. It’s easy to store, just roll up and stash in it’s bag. It doesn’t take up the room an extra bed does, but inflates to full size in under 5 minutes when you need an extra bed.

Where’s the Best Deal?

When I went shopping for my Intex queen air bed I was faced with a myriad of options, not just prices but types of mattresses as well. I did a lot of searching to find the durable mattress I wanted at the price I wanted to pay for it. Instead of doing all your own searching, learn from all my research and save yourself some time and still get a great deal.

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