Car Rental Companies and Their Ways of Doing Business

Different companies have different car rental rates and it’s advisable for you to acquire some knowledge about these rental agencies if you are hoping to rent a car in the future. If you go through the websites online where hundreds of car rental firms advertise their services, you will note that their rates are pretty low. Don’t be deceived however. These rates may be for a special weekend or a special holiday or a certain type of car which is not much in demand. Let’s now see how the rental agencies operate.

Almost all car rental companies have a schedule of rates which they quote as per the client’s requirements. If you need the car for a few hours, you will be quoted an hourly rate and if the vehicle is required for 24 hours or one full day, they will have a separate rate for that as well. Then there is the weekly rate which is for the long term user and sometime these rates might be cheaper than if you were to hire the car for about 5-6 days and pay the daily rate. The weekly rate will also come in useful if you are not quite sure for how long you will need the car, in which case it’s definitely better to book the weekly rental package.

Never settle for the first car rental company you come across online. Go through as many as possible and check them thoroughly to see if any of them have any special deals or discounts which might apply on the days you need to rent the car. Another important bit of advice is to always make your booking in advance. Last minute bookings might cost you more and you will also have to take whatever car is available at that time. Booking at off peak hours too will give you an advantage. Companies sometimes change their rates according to the demand of their vehicles and a smaller company that is not all that famous might be able to quote you a much cheaper rate than an international chain which has people always wanting to rent out their cars.

Once you have found the car of your choice check the web site of the car rental thoroughly to ascertain that what you see is what you pay and that there are no hidden charges or extras that will be added to your bill that you were not aware of. It’s always better to call the rental agency concerned and speak to someone in authority to make sure what their policies are regarding late handing over of the vehicle, because you can never know what will happen on the road. You should also find out what happens if you have to hand in the car earlier than you had booked for. Find out whether you can get a refund because most companies will not be agreeable to this since they might not find it possible to rent the car again immediately.

If you are one of those people who rent cars often, check the rental agencies for special deals and discounts they advertise, which you can make use of whenever you have to use a car rental.

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