How To Maximise A Small Bedroom To Look Larger

One of the most common decorating issues is a small bedroom. You can make a small room appear larger by using furniture that isn’t too crowded or hoggish. By adding furniture you can easily purchase online, your bedroom will look larger.

How can you make a small bedroom appear larger?

Furniture Placement

Although it may be tempting to push everything against the walls, this will make your bedroom appear smaller. Instead, place your bed at the center of the room and add other pieces from different angles around it.

Size of the Bed

When choosing a bed to fit your small bedroom, you should consider its size. Make sure the bed isn’t too big for your space. A queen-sized bed may look great, but it won’t fit in a space that is 12 feet wide. Opt for a full- or double-sized bed instead.


Adding more light to your bedroom can make it appear larger. You can do this by simply changing the light fixture in your room or changing the lighting in every corner of your bedroom. You can do this by using table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces.


Mirrors on opposite walls can create an optical illusion, making the space appear larger. A mirror can be hung above the bed.

Hang Ceiling-to-Floor Curtains

ceiling-to-floor curtains can make a space appear taller. Use lightweight drapes that match the wall’s color. Blinds that are slimmer in appearance should be used if space is limited.

Install floating shelves

Vertical shelving can save you floor space. Install open shelves to display books, and paint the shelves the same color as the wall paint.


A minimalist, organized bedroom will appear larger than it is. It is important to make it a habit of decluttering and organizing your closets and wardrobes frequently. Otherwise, the bedroom will feel cluttered. Don’t clutter the bedroom with photos or paintings, and remove any extra furniture.


Your bedroom will feel larger if you choose light, cool colors. This is especially useful if your room is all white. However, it can still work in rooms decorated with bright colors. Bright orange walls will appear larger than pale blue ones. This is a key point to remember when you choose paint for your bedroom.


The room will look bigger if there is more storage. To increase storage space and reduce clutter, you can use built-in shelving or hanging cabinets. This is particularly important in master bedrooms, as you will want to store all extra linens.


A floor runner rug under the bed will open up more floor space. Although any size rug can be used, if your bedroom is small, you should avoid large rugs that take too much space. To make a small space appear larger, you can place a larger rug at the end of your bedroom. If you’re having a office area in your home then custom rugs with logo can be a great way to use these rugs as marketing tool.

Bedroom Window Treatments

Your small bedroom will look bigger if you block out light from the windows. This can be achieved by using blinds or drapes lined with dark fabric at the back so that they don’t show through from the outside.

It is difficult to work in a small bedroom. But there are ways to make it more open and spacious. These simple tricks will make your tiny bedroom seem larger than it is.

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