Enjoy a Round of Golf at Turnberry in Scotland – One of the World’s Top Courses

If you are looking for a relaxing golfing break then the Turnberry Resort in south-west Scotland is the place to go. Although there are hundreds of golf resorts in Scotland to choose from, few have such a rich and varied history of the sport as Turnberry.

Boasting three courses to challenge you regardless of your golfing ability, you are sure to enjoy the scenery surrounding the course just as much as the green itself.

Many famous golfers have teed off on the greens at Turnberry, with the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) selecting the course for some of its tournaments over the years.

Turnberry has also hosted the European Open and Senior British Open competitions throughout the course of its history, which stretches back more than 100 years.

But if you are not up to PGA standards then don’t worry, because there are plenty of options if you are staying at golf hotels in Scotland.

The shortest of Turnberry’s three courses – Arran – consists of just nine holes and is the perfect place to warm up your swing before tackling either of the more challenging options available.

Once you feel that you have suitably tested your clubs and got the lie of the land, you can head on to either the Ailsa or Kintyre courses.

With a par-70, the Ailsa is the more challenging of the two and its reputation certainly makes it stand out, having hosted three Open Championships.

If you play a round on this course you should take a moment to pause at the ninth hole, which is considered one of the most iconic across Turnberry’s three greens.

It is located on the edge of the coast on a stony ridge, with the landmark lighthouse and ruins of Bruce’s Castle providing the backdrop.

Although not as prestigious, the Kintyre course will pose different challenges to enthusiastic golfers.

The main difficulty faced by many is the weather, as the green is very open to the wind and this can mean that holes which seem simple suddenly become much trickier.

Whether you spend your time on the greens of Ailsa, Kintyre or Arran, you should make sure that you take the time to enjoy the scenery as well as the golf.

Turnberry’s beautiful setting and challenging design make it one of the most beloved golf courses in the world and certainly the ideal place for a golfing break in Scotland.

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