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Koh Kood Hotel

After a long trip along with activities like scuba-diving and kayaking, it is best to find some traditional restaurants and get ready for new adventures. Is it possible to know which hotel is safe, cheap, and which offers the best services? Well, finding a hotel is never a problem for travelers and tourists in Koh Kood. The best way to ensure safety and search for reliable rates is to look up on the internet and contact the tourist association.

Hotels in Koh Kood

Koh Kood has numbers of hotels that provide great convenience and complete services along with conserved, Thai traditional style furniture and services that will keep tourists and travelers amazed and happy. The selected and best-rated hotels include: Tinkerbelle Privacy Resort and Hotel, Peter Pan Resort Kho Kood, and Koh Kood Island Hotel.

Tinkerbelle Privacy Resort and Hotel has a great, catchy slogan that says, “Stay at once here with us; it is where impression starts.” The hotel has sea view rooms and exclusive twin bedrooms where the sea is just right in front of the door. There are two main sections of the resort, the Beach Fron Villa and the Pool side villa. From its name, the Beach Fron villa provides rooms with French Windows for a greater, clearer sea view so that the sea will wake tourists up every morning and will no longer be out of reach. The Pool Side Villa provides visitors and customers with an open air terrace and a natural but private environment to welcome couples and encourage natural lifestyles. A sample of a service would be a wireless connection which is provided for all customers once they all checked in; room services are also provided within the campus. Time-killing activities for healthy, natural lifestyles like swimming can be great and impressive as well. Restaurants and coffee shops will keep tourists focused and relaxed in Koh Kood, the island of perfection and great deal of challenge within peace.

Peter Pan Resort, with its awesome accommodations and services, people can enjoy and express themselves like living in the world of fairy tales just like Never Land. Here, privacy is the resort’s main focus. To allow the flow of imagination, relaxation and fun activities will keep tourists active. However, people here in the island must also experience the natural environment and a warm, clean welcome from nature through rushing waves and small multi-colored pebbles on the soft sand. Restaurants, room services, pools, and massage services are provided within the campus to ensure convenience and satisfy customers. Banana boat and water skiing are also one of the best activities in the island where people often try out new things and brought back fun memories.

Leave behind the hassles and enjoy the natural sensation with Koh Kood Island Hotel. This hotel provides similar services and activities just like other hotels; its main difference, though, made it a good choice. There is a bridge connecting guest rooms together; however, privacy is kept. There are only twenty rooms in total, where all rooms are exposed to the real sea. With services like package tours and free wireless internet connection, it is considerate indeed to choose the best hotel that fits your wants and needs.


Once you think of Koh Kood, you will think of hotels. Best hotels are located and settled here in the island due to its abundant resources and readiness in productivity. Leave the worries behind, and start looking out for new adventures without regrets.

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