Get Ready to Meet and Play With Dolphins at Discovery Cove, Orlando

Imagine, swimming with Dolphins. How entertaining it could be? Yes, the city of Orlando offers plenty of opportunities to take pleasure. You would find some of the rare entertainment sites in the city.

Things to do at Cove

If you want to get up and close with Dolphins, you should go to Discovery Cove, Orlando.

The place has a lagoon, and a coral reef. The presence of dolphins has made it a very popular tourist destination. You would come across dolphins jumping amidst the lagoons.

The Cove management has made arrangements for you to play with dolphins for a period of 30 minutes.

It’s real fun and perfect family entertainment location.

Playing with dolphins would enable you to get very close to the dolphins; in fact, you could even touch Dolphins, and feel it.

The real fun is when you kiss dolphins. Ask your partner to take a picture, where you are seen kissing a dolphin. It would be a worth a moment to cherish. These are the moments you could always show to your grandchildren, and always cherish even in your old days.

In case you have been bored playing with dolphins, pass on the area, and go to the nearby waterfall. The waterfall is lovely place to take a break from your hectic day schedule at the Discovery Cove.

The Cove not just about the dolphins, in fact, there are many other things you can take part in. The place is inhabited by birds of various species, and you could take time to watch birds in your surroundings.

Location of Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is located right in front of Sea World Park. No one needs to be told where Discovery Cove is stationed in Orlando.

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