School Day Trips To France to Enjoy Paris’s Two Theme Parks

While the main focus of any school excursions should be the (often quite substantial) educational value they possess, teachers organising multi-day field trips to foreign locations must also bear in mind that it is not possible for children to constantly be in ‘education mode’. Not providing periods, or even days, of relaxation might do more harm than good, and educators who insist on this modus operandi might discover that their pupils did not retain as much knowledge or derive as much enjoyment from the experience as others who were allowed some ‘play time’ on the course of their stay abroad.

Paris – An Opportunity for Fun

Fortunately for teachers taking their students on school day trips to France, this country – and the capital, Paris, in particular – offers plenty of opportunities and locations in which children can take the time to relax, in contrast with the heavy educational loads acquired on other days.

In this regard, two of the best places for teachers leading school day trips to France to take their students are Paris’s two large-scale amusement parks: the world renowned Disneyland Paris and the slightly lesser known but still locally famous Parc Astérix. While maintaining slightly different focuses, both these parks will provide children with a fun-filled day out, which will undoubtedly form a large part of their posthumous memories of their trip to France.

Disneyland Paris

The first of these parks, Disneyland Paris, needs little introduction. Celebrating 20 years of existence in 2014, this amusement complex – originally known as Euro Disney when it opened in 1994 – offers everything guests might expect from a Disney amusement park, and more! While smaller than its older counterpart in Orlando, Florida, Disneyland Paris still constitutes a veritable smorgasbord of colour, sound, fun and excitement for schoolchildren of any age. The complex offers two distinct amusement parks – the Disneyland Park proper and the Walt Disney Studios Park, which offers a more cinematic slant and might appeal to slightly older children. Either of these, however, is sure to amaze and delight any pupil taking school day trips to France with their class.

Parc Astérix

Parc Astérix, the other major amusement park in the Paris region, has no hope of competing with Disneyland in terms of size, scope, popularity or appeal, but instead opts for a slightly less standardised approach, which might interest slightly more creative children. Peppering their fun with a little education, this complex puts its faith in a larger amount of green spaces, more rustic-looking attractions, and a number of shows which complement the rides, including a dolphin and sea-lion show and an interactive costumed outdoor play.

While somewhat different in scope and approach, both these parks will provide a different, more fun-filled day for pupils of all ages on school day trips to France.

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