Must Have Luggage Accessories for Your Long Holiday Trip

When going for a long vacation, we start arranging all the stuff we need to take and start packing in the most reliable travel luggage bag we got. So, assuming that you have found the right baggage of correct size for your upcoming vacation, I also recommend carrying some important luggage accessories along with you on the trip.

While purchasing a travel bag, we forget about the travel accessories which are equally resourceful while you are on a long holiday. So, here is the list of luggage accessories you must have while planning for a holiday.

    • Luggage tags: No matter how unique your bag is, it’s always difficult to identify it when kept alongside similar bags. Luggage tags are one of the best ways to identify your bag easily. There are different varieties of luggage identifiers that are easily available in the market in different sizes, shapes, colors and even texture. Luggage tags help you to identify your bag and avert your checked luggage from being lost.


    • Handle warp: Have ever got reddish mark on your hand by pulling heavy bag? To prevent this burning reddish marks on your hand, get a handle warp for your luggage. Handle warps are made from rubber which gives better grip on your metal handle and also gives the handle better support.


    • Locks: Securing your bag is also the most important thing to consider while travelling. It’s always wise to purchase a reliable lock with matching key to secure your precious belongings in your bag. Before picking a lock for your luggage bag, make sure it fits properly and is manufactured by a reliable company. Locks are the best way to secure your stuff especially if you are carrying expensive stuff such as ornaments or hi-tech gadgets.


  • Handy Luggage Scale: The one thing which you strictly want to avoid is your luggage going over the limit set by airlines. If you don’t keep track on your luggage weight, you might end up paying extra fee on your baggage. Digital luggage scale helps you to measure the weight of your luggage before the trip. It shows approximate weight of your luggage and if it is going over the limit then you can remove some unnecessary stuff from the bag.

Luggage accessories are small but very helpful while you are planning to go on a long trip. So, next time while shopping for your favorite luggage bag, don’t forget to check on some add-on accessories.

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